Mineshaft Coaster

Mineshaft Coaster is a thrilling new mountain coaster that is fun for the entire family! Enjoy mountain scenery on your way up, then you control the speed down a mile long track! Experience a variety of thrill ride features such as steep descents, dips, twists, hairpin turns, tunnels and 360-degree corkscrews! Mineshaft Coaster is the first and only mountain coaster in California!

One or two riders per cart!
Unique photo opportunity


Single Ride – $20

(over 54″ tall)


(38″ – 54″ tall & a minimum of 3 years old)
Must ride with an adult 18 years or older

Double Riding

Double riding permitted if combined weight does not exceed 375 lbs in dry conditions or 330 lbs in wet conditions. Operator must be 18 years or older and each rider requires a ticket

**May close unexpectedly due to weather conditions**

year round family fun

The Magic Mountain Recreation Area in Big Bear Lake, home of the world-famous Alpine Slide, offers family fun activities year round. In the summer there is a cool water slide and in the winter there is plenty of fun snow play.