Thank you for choosing Big Bear Lake for your winter getaway! Whether youÕre coming up to play in the snow or just getting away to relax; weÕve put together some helpful tips to ensure your time in Big Bear is an enjoyable experience.

Before heading up to the snow be sure to pack warm clothes including thermals, gloves and beanie. Water resistant pants and jacket are great to have on hand too, especially if you plan to do some snow tubing at Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain. Other essentials are sunglasses, lip balm and sunblock.

Although it doesnÕt snow every day in Big Bear during the winter, it is highly recommended to have tire chains with you when you travel to the mountains. During the winter months, mountain weather can change at any given moment including unexpected snow flurries. It is highly advised to have snow tire chains in your vehicle at all times, this does include 4-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles. Tire chains can be purchased at most auto parts, sporting goods, and department stores. During snowstorms chains are required and vehicles without chains may be cited by the CHP.

Remember tire chains go on the drive wheels. So the front tires for front wheel drive vehicles, and rear tires for all other vehicles.   

Be sure to give plenty of room to vehicles in front of you. And remember when traveling on mountain highways slower vehicles should always merge onto designated turnout points along the highway to allow traffic to pass. Also, NEVER PASS snow plows or sanding trucks that are clearing highways.

Come prepared. CalTrans advises motorists to have plenty of water, snacks, flashlight, blanket and a change of warm clothes in your vehicle while traveling to and from the mountains. ItÕs also a good idea to keep your gas tank filled.    

For more winter driving tips, including tire chain installation visit

A HOT TIP when leaving Big Bear is to take the same route the locals do! This will save you time on your travels back home! HereÕs the tip, when leaving Big Bear during peak periods or on fresh powder days, consider traveling on Highway 38 toward Redlands or Highway 18 toward Lucerne Valley. Both routes can be accessed on the east end of Big Bear Valley, and ultimately take motorists west, north and south as a convenient way back home. Take it from a local during peak periods it does save time to take Highway 38 to Redlands or Highway 18 to Lucerne Valley!

We look forward to having you visit Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain this winter. Please stay safe and have a great time in Big Bear!